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19 Juni 2018

I Guess some of you think that after graduating your high school and start learning in college you won’t find English subject. Furthermore, if you think that you’re college students of Manajemen Informatika (MI) or Komputersasi Akuntansi (KA) department, since it’s about tech and stuff, some of you wouldn’t have thought that you will find English subject as one of the class you will have to take. Well, guess what? You guess wrong.

Lots of higher educational institute in this country still introduce English as one of the subjects that the students have to take. Although some people find it hard, well, to be honest, any subject would not be difficult if you put your effort into it though, and it’s the same with English. I remember of what Mat (one of the native teachers in Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung) said in one of dissemination forum “There are three points that you have to remember when you learn English, they are; 1. Don’t be shy, 2. Work hard and enthusiastic, and 3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes,” said Matthew. There it goes, even the native teacher said so.

Students of STIBANKS Al Ma’soem for both departments; Manajemen Informatika (MI) and Komputersasi Akuntansi (KA) will get an English subject in Semester I and Semester II. In Semester I the students will get EFC (English for Computer) and in Semester II they will get EFO (English for Office).

Learning EFC (English for Computer) is basically learning the jargon and basic computer terminology in the English language. And since computer mainly uses English to operate; either for programming, design, operating system, software, and whatnot, STIBANKS students have to learn it in order to understand the meaning.  In EFO (English for Office) students learn about English in a business situation, Machine Problems, Mail Room, Requesting Equipment, and other General things concerning English in the office.

Well, that’s basically the general view about the subject. It’s not going to be about grammar or tenses, or even about composition, at best you will mainly learn about how English in conversation.

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