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9 Juli 2019
Graphic Design Class

In this modern age of technology, a vast surge of technological devices influences every aspect of our lives. These days where internet plays a role in our daily activities when nearly all internet users go online to manage their normal day to day activities, from usual daily tasks, social schedule, and preparation, to individual entertainment. Thus, the needs for a professional graphic designer to accommodate the demand of online users have to be increased.

Here at FKOM Ma’soem University, we provide the students with the basic knowledge of graphic design through classes. On their first year as freshmen they get the Graphic Design I (in their first semester) and Graphic Design II (in their second semester), furthermore they will get Web Design I and II in their fourth and fifth semesters respectively.

In Graphic Design Part I they are introduced with the very basic with know-how the graphic design actually is, such as the introduction of how to use Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator and some other software that could help them through the process. In Graphic Design II they will be introduced to the more advanced knowledge about graphic design, like the introduction of how to create banner, brochure, pamphlet, or even a logo that can be used as a way of publication. Further in Web Design students will be taught of how to master some computer software that they could use to make a web and actually applied their knowledge in Graphic Design in the process.

Nowadays, as many seem to be very interested in the internet, website and other online based application, Graphic Design class seems to be garner some fair amount of enthusiasm from the younger generation. Thus, the amount of students who took the class is to increase each year.

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