Installation Class (Pengelolaan Instalasi Komputer)

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5 Juli 2019
Installation Class (Pengelolaan Instalasi Komputer)

Almost everything is computed nowadays. Yeah well, we are living in a modern world where almost everything in our lives is automated and digitalized. High-tech devices heavily influence our day to day activities; whether we do our usual daily tasks or just to have some personal entertainments we could get it with just a click of a button. Computer and mobile devices are the standards of today, those devices heavily contribute to our daily lives.

Here in Ma’soem University where we focused on developing science and technology to its students, and where our daily activities on the campus are always related to technology, a computer specifically, it is important for all Ma'soem University students to understand and capable of managing, fixing, and maintaining the computers they use. That is a small part of why the Computer Installation Class is given, sort of.

The subjects include the descriptions of how computer installations work, the scope of management (includes; the environmental management, hardware management, software management, file management, and the backup & restore system), network and system operation, security system, user & password, and the ethics of system management.

Students of both departments; Manajemen Informatika (MI) and Komputerisasi Akuntansi (KA) will have to take the Computer Installation Class on their fifth semester. Considering that they are IT based students, they should at least know how to manage, fix, and use computer respectively. Funny thing though; the class is rather popular among the male students, but not so much to the female students. Nevertheless, they are all eager to learn new things when they attending the class and they all seemed to be taking it seriously.

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