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12 Juni 2019
Ma'soem university Thrive to be One of the Best

At the beginning of the establishment of Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung, founder, and owner of PT. Al Ma’soem Group, H. Ma’soem had a basic concept of school in mind, which was to establish discipline and modern Islamic based school. Fast forward to 2019, now the well established Ma’soem University is an educational institution that garners a lot of attention because of how fast-improving it is as one of the best colleges in Bandung.

Brand of Ma’soem University as an educational institution has been very well received by the community, its concept of discipline and Islamic based system are very welcomed by our modern society.

According to Director of Education of Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung, Drs. Asep Sujana, M.M, “There are three things that our community like about Ma’soem University; the discipline, attitude, and its student’s achievement, those three things are the reasons why parents feel really confident when they sent their children to study here,” explain Asep.

Through its educational system and various college programs, Ma’soem University thrives to be one of the best in Bandung. With the purpose of improving and widen its students potential to the fullest, Ma’soem University pioneering many campus programs to support all the students' needs. Whether it’s about educational knowledge, social awareness, or providing after-college activities, Ma’soem University is one of the best in town. 

Ma’soem University is very serious when managing its student’s after-college activities, not only by providing very high-end facilities for the student’s activities, they also providing professionals to coach the students. We know that every student has their own potential, and by providing each and every one of them a way to improve, Ma’soem University is one step closer to have a cageur, bageur, pinter graduates.

Some of the programs include practicing Duha pray, reading Qur’an in the morning, applying Islamic based attitude in the campus, etc. And uniquely, although there is no rule concerning the obligation to wears hijab in campus, alhamdulilah most the female students at Ma’soem University wears hijab, except for the non-muslims. 

In its development, along with the vast progression of the formal education it has, Ma'soem University is always expanding its reach in order to produce a cageur, bageur, pinter graduates. To complement it, Ma’soem University also providing an Islamic based dorm for its students. So not only they could get a formal education on campus they also get religious teaching after they get to the dorm. 

With professional lecturers and very good facilities, in concept, Ma'soem University Dorm supports its students to spend times learning about Islam and staying there with ease. In those aspects, they really set the bar high regarding today’s modern dormitory. In addition, the day-to-day knowledge about Islam and the practical skills such as; entrepreneurship, e-commerce, hand-crafting, cooking, and many more are also being introduced. Those are provided in order to widen every student’s potential. Thus, any Ma’soem University graduates are able to compete in this vast changing modern world and ready to face the AEC (Asian Economic Community).


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