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9 Juli 2019
Ma'soem University's KPAM

KPAM – Konvergensi Prilaku Model Al Ma’soem is an orientation program invented by Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung to provide its students an introduction about the campus environment, rules, facilities, what class they could take, lecturers and many more. Apart from those, by attending and taking part in KPAM, students of Ma’soem University could understand how their new environment works, thus developing their sense of belonging.

Freshmen orientation program or Ospek (that’s what we usually called it here in Indonesia) are generally pictured as an annoying and time wasting program that is not very enjoyable to have. Freshmen usually asked to bring some stuff that’s hard to find or they are asked to do stuff that they don’t want and if they couldn’t fulfill it they’ll get yelled at by their seniors. Well, that’s not going to happen here at Ma’soem University, why? Hmmm let’s see, we have a different approach about Freshmen Orientation Program from another college.

If I have to quote what H. Tonton Taufik R., Ir., MBA said on the opening ceremony of KPAM last year (by the way, he’s one of our Directors at Yayasan Al Ma'soem Bandung); “One of our foundation strategies is to create a graduate that is smart, a person with a great attitude and character and a good personality.” That is why we at Ma'soem University have a different approach to the Freshmen Orientation Program since we have to be very thorough from the get-go.

Apart from the campus introduction and stuff, the KPAM committee prepared many other activities that could further develop their potential and their soft skill. That’s why we also provide activities such as seminar of entrepreneurship and e-commerce for them. Further, there are some sports activities, games, or even social activities to vary the activities they could have here. Thus, they (the freshmen) rarely getting bored when they taking part in KPAM, with so many exciting activities they could have, apart from the knowledge they could also gain their sense of belonging.

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